Super Yacht Surveyors are a very specialised and well respected grouping of experts that work within the superyacht industry. If buying a used superyacht, which can cost many millions of dollars, it makes sense that the vessel is looked at by an expert yacht surveyor before purchase. Without extensive experience in yacht survey future problems, inherent within the vessel's main structure or machinery, could easily be overlooked and within weeks an owner could be facing extreme and unexpected refit costs. A large yacht is unique in the marine world due to the different materials that can be used in its construction, steel, aluminium, wood and composite materials being commonly mixed, which after just a few years or even months in a hostile marine environment, can begin to react, fracture or decay. A yacht survey may also be necessary after a collision or grounding for insurance purposes and by nature marine surveyors will happily travel to wherever your yacht is in the world.
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